What can you do?  

We have created and broken down action points which give tangible, practical steps and suggestions for improvement and change. Below you will find the categories relevant to you and find out what you and/or your institutions could do to facilitate ethical game production!

What you can do in...

Manifesto points

What you can do

Manifesto points

What you can do

Manifesto points

What you can do

The first step to change is support, and it starts with you! Stand with us and help spread the news. You can start by signing your name and sharing this petition.

What you can do in...

  • Ensure and facilitate mental and physical health of employees and students

  • Provide mental health resources and support

  • Support people in menopause

  • Nurture ‘soft’ skills of empathy and communication, and especially self-care and stress management.
  • Create stress-free zones in the office

  • Provide accessibility for those who are disabled

  • Ensure the company has adequate facilities for new parents

  • Support off-site work more and other actions that address our urgent shared responsibility for the climate crisis
  • Promote diversity (gender, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, and multiple other modes) and inclusion within the company

  • Create real consequences for people that facilitate a negative company culture through acts such as sexism, inappropriate flirting on the work floor, racism, bullying, etc.

  • Facilitate positive culture change (dismantle negative company culture, listen to employee complaints, take ethical action wherever needed, etc.)

  • Create opportunities for families (parental leave, possible flexibility in working hours, company crèche, etc.)

  • Provide support for family-related duties of caring

  • Insist on minimal-to-no crunch, allow perpetual opt-out of crunch periods without reprisal/repercussion

  • Ensure regular and sensible working hours
  • Support community-building for developers beyond only the company. We collectively are working in a rapidly evolving medium, and sharing our excitement is part of what fulfils us

  • Organize recreational activities, particularly ones that do not involve alcohol
  • Eliminate gender wage gaps, provide sensible, equal, and fair pay, this includes paid overtime

  • Make sure the salary is enough to start a life and live within the geographical location of the workplace
  • Make serious effort to dismantle systemic biases within the company

  • Provide open-door management (management that is approachable, open to improvement, and employees do not have to fear for their jobs when they speak up)

  • Consider strategic cultural, structural, and staff changes with the explicit goal of long-term company and staff health

  • Change the culture of NDAs so that solutions to fundamental problems are shared.
  • Empower students to have the courage to make positive change

  • Maintain a positive working environment so students learn what they should expect from the industry and also create positive change upon entering the industry as a result of good habits created in school

  • Nurture ‘soft’ skills of empathy and communication, and especially self-care and stress management.
  • Educate students about the industry in a realistic way, while also showing them how it could be different
  • Teach students how to navigate conversations about income, benefits, what they should expect, etc.
  • Create a self care toolkit and get comfortable using it

  • Remember that asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of

  • Determine a support network for yourself
  • Become aware of your privelege and blind spots and get comfortable using that to advocate for others in a responsible way

  • If you witness injustice and mistreatment, don’t be a passive bystander.

  • Be inquisitive, aware of the status quo, and do not always accept things because ‘they have always been this way’

  • Be aware of your core values and ask about the points raised in this manifesto when doing a job interview or talking to a (future) coworker

  • Be bold enough to stand for what you believe is right, even if that means turning down a job if the company does not uphold these values and be clear about your reason to reject a possible job offer

  • Embody the culture you wish to see around you with your choices, words, and actions

  • Be willing to help the industry change by being open and willing to work to put them in place.
  • Learn about how to negotiate your salary and what you should be expecting in your relevant field