Meet our wonderful partners in crime: Rad Magpie!

Rad Magpie is just like MEG-P! Both organizations are magpie themed initiatives that aim to improve working conditions in the Global Games Industry (what a coincidence!).

Rad Magpie is based in Canada and recently made the switch from non-profit to being entirely volunteer based, just like MEG-P.

They work tirelessly with us to make sure we can provide  you with interesting and helpful resources.

We currently have something very exciting in the works. Follow along on our social media pages to stay in the loop on any future developments!

Safe In Our World

Safe In Our World is a wonderful UK based organisation that focuses on mental health in the industry.


They recently released a Student Toolkit, and they have a growing collection of resources available for development companies.

If you sign up to become a Level Up partner company, you’ll gain access to their entire library as well as invites to workshops and talks.

Take This

Take This is one of the most well-known mental health advocates in our industry!

They are present at some of the major games conventions with their own stand and have a vast, growing collection of resources available.

They also organize talks and workshops!

Our ‘Partners’-page is a hub where you can easily find companies and initiatives that we are either directly affiliated with or that we appreciate for helping make our industry a better one.

Do you know of, or do you run, an initiative or company that also aims to improve working conditions in the Global Games Industry but it is not listed on our ‘Partners’-page?

Please reach out to Jits via LinkedIn so we can fix that