Our goal is a 

 lifetime in games 

Movement for Ethical Game Production (MEG-P)

A growing collection of resources on ethical and sustainable game development.

Join us in making our industry the best it can be!

Our goal is a

in games

Movement for Ethical Game Production (MEG-P)

A growing collection of resources on ethical and sustainable game development.

Join us in making our industry the best it can be!

Exciting announcement!

Movement for Ethical Game Production (MEG-P) is teaming up with Rad Magpie! 

Rad Magpie is just like MEG-P! Both organizations are magpie themed initiatives that aim to improve working conditions in the Global Games Industry (what a coincidence!).

Rad Magpie is based in Canada and recently made the switch from non-profit to being entirely volunteer based, just like MEG-P.

Together we work tirelessly to make sure we can provide you with interesting and helpful resources.

We currently have something very exciting in the works. Follow along on our social media pages to stay in the loop on any future developments!

Let's ensure that thriving, lifelong careers in games are possible for everyone!

Did you know?

Back in 2019, Take This published this ‘white paper’ about mental health in the games industry and found that the average tenure in games is only 5 years!

That is not 5 years in a company and then moving to the next. That is 5 years in our industry in total before moving to a different industry or ending up stuck at home with a burn-out.

That is incredibly sad, especially when you consider that the people who come into our industry are very passionate people, who love what they do, and who are wanting to spend their entire lives in games.

So, what is going wrong and what can we do to help make our industry better? 

It was this question that brought a small group of like-minded people together in early 2019. Over coffee and lunch they came up with the idea to write an open letter to the global games industry. A letter, detailing what incoming talent would like to see from their industry, to ensure they could spend their whole lives in games.

Thus, the Movement for Ethical Game Production was born and it soon got expanded with the addition of actionable points and a growing library of resources so people in all aspects of game development could find ways to improve the industry.

What are some of the issues the industry faces?

  • Toxic work environments
  • Lack of diversity
  • Harassment
  • Crunch
  • Predatory publishers
  • and more…
Does this mean that the industry inherently toxic?

Absolutely not! The conversation around these issues is blossoming and there is a consistently growing number of people and companies out here who are trying to do the right thing and who are fighting the good fight. 

We are still a very young industry and now is the time to have these conversations to ensure that we build the foundations for a healthy, thriving industry that treats it’s employees and customers in a way that ensures health, joy, and longevity for all of us.

MEG-P and Rad Magpie need your help!

Our next project is a library of resources that discuss ethical game development.

As we build the framework for this collection, we’re actively searching for materials (GDC talks, blog posts, newspaper articles & more!) that are suitable for inclusion.

That’s where you come in!

We’re calling on our community to review & submit content to our growing resource library. All you need to do is watch a video, read an article, or otherwise preview a resource, then fill out a short form letting us know whether it meets our criteria.

Have we piqued your interest? Have you created a presentation or written an article on this topic that you’d love to share with the broader games industry? Drop us a line or check out more information here.